Privacy Policy

Last modified: Jan 01, 2021

This is the Privacy Policy of Nobodyshot. All Rights Reserved.

If you have any queries about this Policy, please contact Nobodyshot using the contact details below.

Who this Policy applies to

By playing the Games you are agreeing to be bound by this Policy in respect of the information collected about you. Nobodyshot may change this Policy at any time. This Policy applies to the following people: people who use the Games and job applicants and former employees.

People who use the Games

Nobodyshot will collect the following information from you when you use the Games:
-If you sign into one of the Games through a social network information that network may allow information about you to be accessed by Nobodyshot. For example on Facebook, your Facebook ID. However, you can change what information Nobodyshot can access by changing your privacy features on such social networks;   
      -If you sign up to one of the Games, we may collect your name;
-Information in relation to your purchases

What if Nobodyshot cannot collect this information

-You can use privacy settings on your social networks to prevent us collecting certain of the above information about you. If you still have concerns about the information we collect please contact us at any time by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

Financial Information:

-Your purchase and in-app purchases within the Games are handled through the platform on which you purchased the Game or through other payment processors (e.g. the Apple App Store, Google Play). Nobodyshot does not retain any card or payment details, although Nobodyshot does keep a record of your purchases and your aggregate spending.

People who contact to Nobodyshot by email

-Nobodyshot will only use this information to process the complaint and to check on Nobodyshot services and staff.

How Nobodyshot uses collected information from people who play the Games

Nobodyshot may use your information to:

-Facilitate the improvement of the Games and your experience of the Games;
-Prevent fraud or illegal activities;
-Provide technical support in relation to player enquires, resolving disputes, collecting fees and troubleshooting;
-Complete your transactions;
-Share with third parties for the purposes as described in paragraph below.

Sharing information with third parties

-Nobodyshot will not pass your information to third party advertisers for them to market to you other than as described in this paragraph. Subject to its obligations to comply with applicable data protection legislation, share your information with third parties including:
-As part of the Games your information (for example your name, profile picture or user ID) may be posted on a Leaderboard of top scorers within the Game to be shared with other players and your social networks.
-You may also share elements of your performance or participation in the Games with other players and your social networks;
-In anonymised form with data aggregators and service providers as part of an analysis of player metrics or sales performance;
-With law enforcement agencies in compliance with law enforcement.


-Nobodyshot has implemented technology and policies to safeguard your privacy from unauthorised access and improper use.

Nobodyshot's Policy towards children

-Nobodyshot's Games are intended for anyone who is legally entitled to own a device that access them and play them and anyone who is legally entitled to make in-app purchases by the payment functionality the Games provide. However, Nobodyshot does not knowingly collect personally identifiable information in relation to children under the age of 13.

Requested privacy-relevant android permissions

Used for permissions that are associated with accessing microphone and recording voice from the device.
This permission allows this application to record user's voice for using in voice chat.
Used for permissions that are associated with accessing storage.
This permission allows this application to read images that can be used in user profile as avatar.

Contact details

[email protected]